Saturday, February 19, 2011

Campaign To Ban RMT

From the reader who sent me this post.

You and your site rock!
I'm a teacher in Canada, and I try not to give the site too much attention, but this summer I just got sick of the whole thing.  There is nothing more violating than seeing the horrible things written about me-- except having the self righteous folks at RMT try to broker their terms of whether or not they would remove the information.
I was wondering, is there any way your site would be willing to organize a campaign? You wouldn't have to do much, except provide teacher readers with a little direction. 

The process of contacting advertisers is quite simple for teachers-- it just takes time. Go to the site, note the advertiser, look up the info about the VP of advertising, write a letter or an e-mail (polite) and follow up with a phone call to the corporation and (very important) inform the people at RMT of your success-- they need to know that their advertisers find their actions to be unacceptable.

I would even be willing to provide my letter as a general template that teachers could modify. (I just asked her to send it so I can post that as well.)

Also, were you aware that in France the site was banned.  Because of their history with the Nazi occupation, the French government finds the act of anonymously berating an individual to be disgusting.  Oh to live with French morals! :)

Anyway, it's just a thought and if you need any info from me, I would be happy to help.

Take Care

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