Friday, February 11, 2011


Maria wanted to take the college math given at Packemin HS, but she had a history class that period.  She adored her history teacher and did not want to give him up.  She discovered he had a period two class she could change to.  Unfortunately, period 2 was her ESL class and she also loved her ESL teacher.  She did some research and found he taught the same class period 4 and, as luck would have it, there were seats available.  But, Maria had another problem. Fourth period was English and, I am sure you already know Maria did not want to part company with her English teacher.  Maria has never been one to give up, so she investigated further and discovered she could move her English to sixth period.

With plan in hand, Maria went to see the head of the guidance department.  Maria politely expressed her desire to take the math class and her need to change certain classes.  The head was doubtful the plan would work, but being a child advocate, decided to check out Maria's plan.  To her surprise, it worked!  Maria now has her college math class and all the other classes she wanted.

Moral of the story:  Never doubt a bright, determined high school girl.

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