Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look Out World

Since I made my mistake last week, I decided to to post my picture on Israel's (possibly the world's) biggest tank.

Look out world, I am coming back in September with my own big tank ready for action.

(Posted from a gas station on our way to an archialogical dig outside of Jerusalem.)


burntoutteacher said...

Nice to finally see the face of the blogger I enjoy reading so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey PO'd,

You look great! Love your big gun. If you plan to bring your own big tank to school in September, won't the metal detectors go off? ;-)

Enjoy your summer! Keep those pictures coming.

Ms. Cookie said...

Are you going to post this picture in your classroom with some caption? That'd be cool.

Ms. Cookie

EFM said...

Nice to see you. Have a great time.