Friday, July 02, 2010

First Random Subway Day, Summer of 2010

Going on lots of trips means spending free time while home exploring my favorite city, NY. Yesterday, I started out on 23rd and 6th, on my way to Madison Square Park to see the Antony Gormley exhibit, which consists of naked men on top of tall buildings all around the area. It was kind of fun and kind of creepy. I am sure I missed many but it was fun finding them all over the place. It was also fun finding the real people on top of the buildings as well. While in the area, I stumbled upon Virgin Mobile handing out free virgin pina coladas (very refreshing). I also went into Madison Square Park, for the first time and saw how really beautiful it is. It was mobbed and the line for the Shake Shack was ridiculous.

I continued walking up 5th and stopped at one of my favorite places, the Gershwin Hotel, to use the bathroom. Maybe its the red walls or the 70's motif, but I just love this place. Then, it was on to 34th St and some stops at favorite stores, and another bathroom stop in the park opposite Macy's. People say NYC lacks public facilities, but you just have to know where to look. This park has one of those new restrooms that self cleans after every use. There are even flowers on the wall.

Walking up Broadway, I noticed some mannequins in the middle and went to look. I found a Catwalk exhibit by many famous designers that entertained and delighted the viewer from 34th St all the way to 42 St. Also, along the way, in sitting areas, are several public pianos where people wait their turn and then go and sing and play. It was lots of fun.

After 42nd St, I headed over to the Jewelry Exchange and picked up a $5 watch battery and then headed west to meet my husband and friends for dinner before the theater. Lucky me took the street where La Cage is playing and I got to see Kelsey Grammar and some of the other actors making their exits. These actors were all so friendly. They posed for lots of photos and signed autographs for everyone who wanted one. Dinner was at my favorite Chinese Place, Mee Too (dinner ran $22 for both of us) and then a night of entertainment at Lend Me A Tenor, great if you love slap stick.

Unfortunately, the E train was not running for the ride home but as resourceful New Yorkers we took it in stride and headed over to the F train.

For more pictures, go to This summer I am going to concentrate on travel and NYC pictures and try to stay away from bitching about school. (I am sure that will still happen too.)

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