Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bus Ride

Right now we are sitting on a bus going from Haifa to Tel Aviv. Traffic here makes me long for the LIE during rush hour. A 92 year od man, with a walker, could move at a faster rate. Our guide is great. His goal was to get us there in time to see the market place, which closes early for shabbat. I somehow don’t think we will make it. Wait, an accident. I hope no one was hurt but at least we are now starting to move.

This morning we went to Rosh Hanigra to see the grottos. I remember those from my last trip, as well as standing on the Lebanon-Israel border. After, we went to Acco to visit a crusaders fortress. Israel is built in layers and you can see the three layers of civilization there. To quote our guide, “location, location, location” is everything and everyone built where there was water. After, we droce through Haifa and stopped to look down on the city.
This is the first organized tour I have ever taken. I do love the people I am with, the information I am given and the ease of getting around this way, but I miss the freedom that comes with doing things on my own. We saw so much, but we only skimmed the surfaces. I need to return, to delve into the places I’ve only glimpsed, to interact more with the people that live here.

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