Thursday, February 12, 2009

This E-Mail Cracked Me Up

M has been out two days sick. Not at all typical of her. I just had to share this e-mail that I just got from her.

Hi Mrs.POd, its me m from your favorite period 9 class. Im really sorry I couldnt make it to your class. I didnt come to school and i cant make it in tomorrow either. I tryed my best to get out of bed, but i lost my voice! and i have the worst fever flu ever. I do not mind taking the test when i return. im very sorry Mrs.Pod im just so sick, if there is any homework or anything you will like me to do, i do not mind. As im writing thing email im laying on the couch on my sister laptop. I will probably see the doctor tomorrow, i'm feeling worst.Trust me i know better not to cut or miss a math test, which is a major major subject. I hope you have a wonderful mid winter recess.Bye

And my reply to her--I couldn't resist.

Don't worry, just take care of yourself and get better.

If you want, I can count the next test as two tests and make it twice as hard! (get it--two tests, twice!!--very mathematical)

I'm only kidding. Missing it won't hurt at all. I'll mail you a copy so you can do it for practice.

See you after the vacation.

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17 (really 15) more years said...

That's in stark contrast to my students who fake being sick and have their mommies pick them up when they have a test scheduled that day.