Thursday, February 05, 2009


We were told to think of goals for the coming year. I got up early this morning and thought of mine. I have a feeling mine are not what Mr AP has in mind.

1. To not be afraid to speak out when something is bothering me.

2. To speak out when something being done is not educationally correct.

3. To stop being intimidated by the principal’s office.

4. To speak out when I see others being ill treated.

5. To stop taking “crap” from everyone.

6. To stop blaming myself every time I fail to reach a student. To finally come to terms with not being able to save the world.

7. To continue doing what I know is best for my students, in spite of what so called education experts say.

8. To get more work done during my 6 hours and 50 minutes in the building so I will do less outside of school.

9. To keep my school day to 6 hours and 50 minutes.

10.To enjoy a full lunch period with no work and no tutoring.

11. To be more organized.

I am sure this list is probably not complete. Any suggestions for additions will be appreciated.


Afantaske said...

#10 was my only goal for the second semester. Today is day number four of the second semester - I ate lunch in front of the computer while students roamed in and out of my classroom. Good luck!

Miss Eyre said...

Ah, goals. The newest buzzword. I wrote about them in my post about my school's quality review, if you're interested in hearing my thoughts:

17 (really 15) more years said...

Oh don't burst my bubble PO'd- now the goald have crept up to the high school level??

Unfortunately, as Miss Eyre said, they are now an integral part of getting a good grade on the quality review. The problem is this- does anyone realize that the reviewers will see right through the smoke and mirrors of the goals?
Won't they realize that we're only doing it because of the quality review- not because any of us think they matter?