Friday, February 13, 2009

Number One Complaint

A guy from a nearby college came to school today to try to get the kids to enroll in a Saturday class for enrichment and much needed remediation (although he did not use that word.)

And the number one comment from one of my students:

I went last year and you didn't give us any food. The class is too long. We need to be fed.


Chaz said...

The truth is what it is. Feed me and I might show up.

NYC Educator said...

Me too. Let me know what time to be there.

Anonymous said...

Admin should learn something from the kids and feed us at staff development; perhaps it would be somewhat more palatable.

Justin said...

Either that or not make us sit around for hours on end. Amazing that they go on about differentiation yet make us sit around for hours and expect us to pay attention. (This is why I don't teach that way.)