Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Can't Understand

Why do kids only worry about how many questions are on the exam?

Don't they realize that one question can have 20 parts?

Haven't they ever taken an easy test with many questions and a difficult one with only a few?
Why don't they just pay attention and try to learn the material instead of wasting time with meaningless questions?


17 (really 15) more years said...

They want to know exactly how many they can get wrong and still pass.

tamasha said...

That might be true, but I also think that knowing more about the structure of the test gives students more confidence. They should know what to expect.

I want my students to fail only if they don't know the material, not because they freaked out over the format.

That came out all wrong. I don't want them to fail at all. But you know what I mean.

mathnerd said...

because they are always like that. No matter what the test is, they want to know how many problems, and I agree more with 17, its because they want to know how many they can miss and still pass. I screw it all up by making each question worth a different amount of points depending on the type of problem.

Chaz said...

I think the same way as you about student learning.

OKP said...

"There are as many questions as people have asked me how many questions there are." Then watch their little heads spin!

proofoflife said...

I guess asking meaningless questions has been modeled for them so much on the ACUITY test that they have become accustomed to them!