Monday, March 31, 2008

Cheaters Never Prosper

Sometimes you just have to let kids cheat! I watched a kid erase a perfectly correct solution and replace it with his friend's totally wrong one. I separated them, but then let the test stand. I'll get my revenge when I return the papers.


Anonymous said...

I love it when a cheater erases the correct answer. Idiot!!


PS: Poor dog doesn't look like a cheater to me. Or were you going for cheetah and found a cute dog instead?

Pissed Off said...

Neither, I just wanted a place to post a picture of my favorite "little" Rotweiller. He belongs to good friends.

Maybe I'll turn him loose on the cheater. He'll lick him to death.

17 (really 15) more years said...

What really kicks their butts is when you give 4 versions of the same test (I have no clue why they haven't figured out that I do this yet)- and you watch their expressions when they get a 40 and the kid they cheated from gets 100. They generally don't do that more than once.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar situation this year. I had made an error in writing one problem that caused it to have an unusual answer. The problem was discovered in one class, and I changed it for the next class. A student in that class showed all work correctly and then wrote down the answer from the old version of the problem! Silly silly kid!!

I also did the same thing that 17M15 did on a multiple choice test. One kid cheated off an A student, and when he got his paper back (with a 35 on it), he said, "Oh. I guess the ones I got right were the ones I actually knew how to do." Uhhhh, ya, that's how it's supposed to go!

Dr Pezz said...

Sometimes I just copy off the same test on 2-3 colors of paper, and the kids think they all have different tests. Makes me laugh sometimes.

Other times I just move the first five questions to the end of the exam and give one row one test and the next row the second test.

Anonymous said...


Once in a college class I realized at the very beginning of a test that someone was cheating off of me, I was a really good student, and I started intentially filling in the bubbles for the wrong answer. If the answer was a, I put b, if the answer as b, I put c and so on. I finished and loitered at my desk until the student turned his paper in and then I went back and changed all my answers. I got a very high grade and I can only imagine what he got. He dropped the class.