Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Student Urinates in Lunch Box in Class

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - A teacher was put on paid leave Tuesday while officials investigate why a student urinated in a lunch box during her class.

The Meadowbrook Middle School student urinated in a lunch box while hiding behind a classroom bookcase, Orange County school officials said Tuesday.

According to statements by other students in the class, school officials think that when the boy asked to go the restroom on Thursday, teacher Jameeka Chambers told him to hold it or use her lunch box.
The boy took the lunch box, hid behind a bookcase, urinated in it and returned it to her, Frank Kruppenbacher, attorney for the Orange County School Board, told the Orlando Sentinel.

"I think we clearly know she didn't tell him, 'Go pee in this box,' in the sense of going to go do that," Kruppenbacher said. "That's beyond our comprehension."

Chambers is to be interviewed on Monday.

The next morning the boy's mother complained to the principal and told a local TV station that Chambers would not allow him to use the restroom.

The boy was not regularly in Chambers' class, but was in her room to complete makeup work on a computer, Kruppenbacher said.
This is a first-year teaching job for Chambers, who teaches sixth-grade language arts.

A telephone number listed under the name of a Jameeka Chambers in Orlando was busy.

How many times have we all been told by administrators not to let the kids use the pass to go to the bathroom? How many times have we had kids who just want us to let them walk the halls? Is this another way to send teachers to the rubber room for no reason?


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Mrs. T said...

I ALWAYS let kids use the restroom. I've heard of too many times when kids peed their pants- not on my watch, thank you.

Miss Profe said...

It was a bone-headed move, first-year teacher or not. She'll be lucky she doesn't lose her job, get sued, or both,