Friday, March 07, 2008

The Memos Keep Coming

During my routine visits, I observed a few classes in which the teacher was “teaching” while some students engaged in their own conversations. Thus, one could not hear a pin drop. This really has to stop. We are not teachers to students who want to learn. All students who attend your class want to pass and you are responsible for every student on your class roster. Please start engaging every student during your lesson. It is unacceptable for students to sit in your class and do next to nothing in terms of learning math. The new world we live in requires you to try to reach every student.

First he is telling us that we are not teachers to students who want to learn (an obvious typo, but being petty is something I am good at) and then he is telling us that all students who attend our classes want to learn. I don't think I teach in the same school he does.

Ms. XXXX came up with a Citizenship Report which included positive aspects of what a student does. I will revise our old one to include the positive aspects. Please do not mail a letter which is positive so that we can save some postage. Please only mail the letter which indicates that a student will fail.

Saving a buck is more important than saying something nice about a kid. I often get more accomplished with nice words than with harsh ones. This is a guy that would not understand about that.


IMC Guy said...

Now that's leadership!

Anonymous said...

Now I really think you made up those memos. It's something from a sitcom, right?


Pissed Off said...

Truth is stranger than fiction.

17 (really 15) more years said...

I KNOW you don't work in my school, but judging by that first memo you might as well.

More importantly, how are you feeling?

Ms. Tsouris said...

It might actually be informative if Mr. Illiterate AP could actually communicate a rational thought. He's quite the rambling writer. From what I gather, if I was in his department, 1) Children know how to engage in conversation so that "you can not hear a pin drop". (Idon't think I ever heard a pin drop, by the way). And what exactly does this mean, "We are not teachers to students who want to learn"? Huh? We're only teachers to students who DON'T want to learn? "The new world we live in requires you to try to reach every student." Well, I guess I haven't been trying enough in the old world. Only in the new world will I be required to reach every student. And I foolishly thought that I should reach every student when I was in the old world...silly me.

Chaz said...

In my school, the worst teachers became AP.s and the students hate being in their one class that they teach. However, they sure know everything when it is time to comment on other teachers.

Personally. I find it humorous that my AP can't keep his class awake while teaching but can make comments on my classroom.

yo miss!, formerly in bushwick said...

And this after I just read an article in New York Teacher saying that a teacher got in trouble because there wasn't enough "productive noise" in her room.

Which is it, principals--pin drop or productive noise?