Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We Care About Children

At yesterday's faculty conference we heard how the school is doing everything to make things better for the kids who go here. For example, a kid who lives far will not be given a first period class if he doesn't want it. Late classes will not be given to kids who need to leave early to work or to pick up siblings. Guess what happened today? Classes were equalized (yeah--no more standing room only) but kids were removed without giving them an explanation or a choice. They were up in arms. Kids now have 1 - 9 schedules with different teachers. I understand that we are a big school and kids always can't get what they want. Just don't say we go out of our way to give them what they want when all we want to do is make it easy for us. If classes were not so huge to begin with, this would not be happening.


Jose said...

yeah, let's relieve them of responsibilities so they can learn how to be responsible. Whoops ...

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Lordy, we have really gone overboard!

As I tell my students without getting into details about my professional problems: If life is kicking me in the butt and I do everything right or as close to it as I can I can not imagine how life will treat people who can not or will not meet their personal responsibilties.

Getting to school on time is expected just like getting to work on time is a given. Don't expect for the institution to bend to your needs and expectations. It does not always work like that.

In my school we were providing breakfest at the front door. It was disaster in terms of liter and food all over the building. My skunk of of a principal also had a late schedule for the students. Well, most left at around 2 PM leaving teachers sitting in empty classrooms. He also instituted an A/B schedule of classes, meaning that a course would only meet 3x a week for for over a 100 minutes. It was a complete disaster because if a teacher was absent once it was like being absent for 2 days and on long holidays it meant that the teacher didn't see the students for almost one week!

My point the more the adminstration "experiments" the worse it gets!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you had a faculty conference. Contractually there aren't any in Sept. and June (that's what all the staff development days are for).