Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Hate My Cat

I'm not a cat lover. We have two cats, strays that found their way into our back yard two years ago. We didn't want them to die in the winter so we took them in, got them fixed, gave them shots and tried to find them a home. No one wanted them. They began their lives here in the basement. I'm allergic. Very allergic. I felt bad for them. They liked seeing people. Little by little we let them come upstairs. I still don't like them much....well, maybe a little.

These two cats are really my husband's cats. He feeds them, cleans their litter box and generally spends time with them. He is away for the week. My little boy cat has been sitting on my lap all night, cuddling. He has wormed his way into my heart. I hate to admit it...I love this little cat.


mathnerd said...

yep cats are like that. I tend to get irritated at my kitten for ripping up toliet paper, but I just look at him and love him to bits.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful of you to foster these two sweeties... Did you stock up on allergy tablets? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cats are much better than people; when they are being "naughty" they are just doing what cats do--when people are being "naughty" they know that it's wrong, but they make the decision to go ahead with whatever it is they've decided to do, regardless of consequences. Just look at Klein and Bloomberg--pure, unadulterated EVIL--they don't care who they bulldoze over.

Love my cats

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love cats too. Especially in a burrito!