Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Library Problems

The library is supposed to have a center for teachers to work. There are four computers and a printer. Surely enough workspace for over 300 teachers.

I went to the library Friday afternoon to type out a worksheet for my afternoon classes. I was lucky. There was actually a computer available. I worked and worked and felt good when I hit the print key and heard the printer happily printing away. Unfortunately, there was no ink in the printer.

I went to the librarian and asked her to fix it. She said it was not her problem. I said, that is the problem with this library, nothing works. She became indignant, still claiming there was nothing she could do. The computer in her office works, but of course I could not use that one. I'm only a teacher, not nearly as important as a librarian.

Maybe she couldn't fix the problem. Maybe the problem belonged to someone else. I still had a sheet that could not be printed. There was still a major problem with the library, whether she liked it or not. Our school library does not fulfill the needs of the staff or the students. Someone should accept responsibility and fix it. Our librarian needs to stop getting so defensive whenever a problem arises and do something to fix it

By the way, there is still no ink in the printer and no word on when it will be working again.


17 (really 15) more years said...

It is next to impossible to get copies in my school - unless you put them in 3 weeks in advance. I have to print everything in my classroom, which might sound nice, but I pay for the laser ink cartridge- I got it for a bargain at only $88. The kids provide the paper. My better half told me that he's tired of subsidizing the City of NY.

Mimi said...

For us, it's the copies too. Clearly I am far too educated to push the buttons, so we hired someone exclusively to do just that. Push buttons. So, why did I recieve 37 copies of my latest homework packet rather than the 100 I had requested for the entire grade? The 3 and 7 buttoms are relatively far off from the 1 and 0 buttons.

Sometimes I want to go nuts on the copier Office Space style...sigh.

proofoflife said...

Hey I still haven't figured out how to post my favorite links yet, but I will get there. I was having this discussion about printers and technology in my building with my principal today. I have been one of the choosen ones to participate on the new " INQUIRY TEAM". One of the main job descriptions is to collect DATA from ARIS to align instruction depending on the never ending assessments the children have to endure. Guess what Ms. Principal? In order to collect data one needs to be able to log onto the system and have a computer and a printer that works!! DAH!!! I suggested that the first data collection could be done on what is available in the building as far as technology is concerned. I have also had the privilege of searching the bowels of the basement for book orders that were never placed. Down in waterbug land there are twenty computers in a heap pile and thirty printers in another pile. I am sure they were discarded by fed-up teachers who got sick of these broken down dust collectors. When I think of the thousands and thousands of dollars that are being wasted because those that be in charge are too stupid to know that certain things like computers and printers need to be serviced I want to scream. All teachers will receieve a pass word to log onto ARIS in a few days. It is very likely that big brother will be watching to see who is and who is not logging onto the site. How can we log on when there is nothing to log onto?? That is the question. When I emerged from the recesses of waterbug land to report my findings Ms. Principal started coughing and moving away from me and saying that she is allergic to dust. I would laugh if it weren't prohibited! My principal is allergic to me! I love it .. best thing to happen this year!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Every time I read your blog, I thank my lucky stars that I don't teach in NYC! At my little desert school, we teachers are allotted 20,000 copies per year on the photocopier. Every classroom has a computer hooked up to a printer that either teachers or students can use. I'm not saying this to make you envious; I'm just saying this to point out the disparity between the city and the country. It shouldn't be that way.