Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dear Mr/Ms Guidance Counselor with 15 minutes experience

Dear Mr/Ms Guidance Counselor with 15 minutes experience.

TJ came to class today. When she walked in, I remembered failing her a few years ago. Nice girl, but did no work then, slept most of the time. I think I got her then because of a fight she had with another teacher. I asked her what got her to me this time. She said it was YOUR FAULT!!! You had her going to an M$4 class although she never passed the class before. Not only didn't she pass the class, but she never sat for the regents. She said you were sorry, but she was being changed. In fact, she said you told her Tough luck!!

So, Mr/Ms Guidance Counselor with 15 minutes experience, what do you plan to do about helping this girl catch up on all the work she missed? She is already years behind as she started this course at least three years ago. She is not a strong math student and missing almost three months work is not going to get her to pass the regents. My consideration does not involve either passing her in a class she does not deserve to pass in or giving up my time to help her catch up. You made the mistake, now you have to fix it. And fix it does not mean just changing her program.

Mr/Ms Guidance Counselor with 15 minutes experience, perhaps this girl is making the whole thing up. Maybe it really is her fault that her program got so messed up. But, I asked you two days ago for an explanation as to why the change was made. I'm still waiting to hear from you. Perhaps if I send a copy of this letter to your AP, you might respond quicker, but I can't bring myself to do something like that.

I am awaiting your reply.


Ms POd!


ms. whatsit said...

I hate it when counselors do this kind of thing. It teaches kids not to take ownership of their own problems.

Unfortunately, not taking ownership is a lesson kids are learning from many -- parents, media, the government. It's a symptom of the sorry state of our society.

Pissedoffteacher said...

The counselors in my school have such large case loads that mistakes happen all the time. Too bad this one won't admit she made the mistake. Just the fact that she couldn't be bothered to find out if I was a Mr or Ms says something about her work ethic.