Saturday, February 24, 2007

Make Up Your Mind

I met a teacher who told me her principal keeps telling her that teaching is not a 6 hour and 50 minute job and that she should stop whining about all the extra work she has to do. It's funny, I never thought about teaching that way either, that is until recently. I always worked hours at home. I never thought twice about the time it took me to write a recommendation, or make up an exam. I never minded calling parents in the evening or writing letters. So, why is it now that everything gets me so pissed off? I think it's because I am now being told I have to do this stuff on my own time. Every minute of the work day is so programmed that nothing remotely resembling education (except for what goes on in the classroom) can take place. One minute I am being told that I am a professional and it shouldn't matter if I have to put in extra hours. Next I am being told that I am too lazy and irresponsible to know how to work on my own, so I must be told what to do every minute. The school can't have it both ways. Either I am a professional or I am not one. Right now, I just wish they would make up their minds.

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NYC Educator said...

They've already made up their minds, and they have our union's complete support. Every time Randi Weingarten stands up and claims you got a 40% raise, she's saying your time is worth nothing whatsoever.