Friday, February 23, 2007

An Apology

I offer an open apology to all the people I have misjudged based on a few words written in comments on this blog. It is hard to get a feeling about people based on a few words. Sometimes I have misinterpreted sarcasm for real feelings. I guess I am too sensitive. Sometimes people outside of NYC don't realize how bad things really are in our schools and their comments are also taken out of content.

I am sorry if I inadvertantly insulted anyone. This post is inspired by recent comments from Marco Polo. I took his comments about me and my trailer personally, when I should not have. I have been following his comments and sites and realize that he is a blogger with lots of insights and lots to offer. I had the same feelings about Nic after her first comment. I also quickly found that I was wrong about her.

I have to learn not to make judgements so quickly.


Marco Polo said...

Absolutely no apology required as far as I'm concerned. And, yet again, a great graphic.

Do you blog to let off steam, or to indirectly try to raise the stakes and make changes, make things happen? Maybe both. Some marketing people at any rate are seeing the power of the Internet and social networking tools, and it would be wonderful (ideal, really) if this medium could be used for social justice, and not just to sell another bottle of wine (however good it may be).
I mean, when people like
Kathy Sierra
can blog regularly, forthrightly and with humour, and get tons of people to read her blog daily, then a blog like this one ought to be able to raise hell quickly and loudly enough that evildoers will just apologize and apologize before resigning and letting those who CAN, take over.

Pissed Off said...

I started to blog to let off steam and just vent. I never expected anyone to read what I write (although I have had many letters to editor published in NY and union papers). Actually, I posted the pictures of my trailer because of you. I realized there are people out there that have no concept of what teaching in NYC is like. I am hoping that some media person will pick up my pictures and other trailer story and try to do something about the conditions our kids are forced to learn in. Thank you for all your kind words on your site.