Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beginners Only

The new semester has started and the parties are in full swing, but only if you are young and obedient.   Only these teachers are invited to participate in the event run by their assistant principal.  He isn't doing anything illegal as the parties are not on school time or school property.  And, he is allowed to invite anyone he wants to his home.  Still, in a system that claims to want to hold on to experienced teachers, this does not bode well.  The favoritism is blatant.  Older teachers are being marginalized.  They are given the worst programs while the party goers have the most coveted classes.

Ms.Eyre wrote about being surrounded by wonderful jazz and concert musicians, her reference to experienced teachers who can do it all.  But, the treatment at this school, by this administrator, is pushing the most accomplished out the door.  The school will soon be left with beginners orchestra only and that seems to be all the administration wants.  If it wasn't, something would be done to stop this activity that clearly favors one group over all others.

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