Sunday, September 23, 2012

Human Right

Sick pay should be a human right.  Everyone should be entitled to it.

The woman who cleans my house hurt her back.  She is getting better, but the recovery is slow.  I told her not to rush back to work, but she said she needs the money.  Her landlord wants the rent.  I immediately sent her a check and told her to rest at home.  I hope her other clients do the same.  She is a good, honorable woman.  She never lets anyone down.  It is time for those she helps to step up and help her.  I pray for her speedy recovery.  Back pain is what kept me down for a month and I don't wish it on anyone.  (She is one of Romney's 47%)

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Anonymous said...

This was very kind of you. I am sure she appreciates your generosity and kindness in her time of need. I hope there is more people out like you who will lend a helping hand when needed.