Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Blah, blah, blah.  You teachers are still a bunch of losers.

Got to love the use of please.  It makes the memo much more meaningful and pleasant to read.  Bet everyone reading wishes he could work for an administrator like this one!

September 25, 2012

Please make sure you update your Absentee Lesson Plan folder in the office.  It is YOUR responsibility to PREPARE work and MAKE copies.  I will make sure there is an envelope for everyone.

 Please teach from bell-to-bell – I already saw two classes that finished earlier in my random walking-around.

Please be reminded that if you have sophomores and juniors in your class (ME, MG, MR and maybe even MM3G), you include SAT type of questions in your Do Now.  They will take the PSAT in October.  You should do this until at least after they take the PSAT.

Please stay away from lecturing and tell students what to watch out for when they solve a problem.  Student-centered lessons are more effective.  Students will have to know how to solve problems before they watch out for anything special. Questioning is the best way to teach.

Please make sure there are five rows when giving a math exam. In a small or elongated classroom, please ask you students to turn their desks 90 degrees and make three to four rows. This way, they are far enough from each other. I have noticed that there are more than five rows in some classrooms today. You were given department bulletins 1 to 3 and in one of them, it clearly stated that you are to have five rows when giving an exam. So, either you did not read it, did not understand it, forgot about it or did not really care. None of which is acceptable. We have to work together as a team to achieve new heights.

Attached, please find the format for board work and please follow it. Consistency pays in the long run and if every math teacher gives notes the same way, it makes the transition from one teacher to the next a lot easier.  (Nothing was attached.  Teachers should ask him to please not forget.)

They are students arriving late in math classes. (Got to love the grammar here.)  Please make sure you communicate with their parents after the 1st lateness.  This means you have to mark them late when they come in late.  If you are too busy teaching and you do not wish to get interrupted, then you must use a late log.  I am not concern, just yet, about how you stop lateness.  You must find a way to stop lateness.  It helps change the tone in your classroom as well.

Please be reminded that if you leave the building during the day for any reason, please sign out in room XXX. This is for your protection and ours.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

and he is still a big turd..when he is going to retire and spare everyone from his turdiness?

Anonymous said...

You must do this that and the other thing. I told you to do these things before, and saw some of you not doing them. We must work together as a team to do whatever I say we must do.