Saturday, September 08, 2012

Millionares' Magician

I never advertise for anyone who contacts me, whether their link is of utmost importance or they are offering me money, but I am plugging for Steve Cohen, The Millionaires' Magician, who I saw last night at the Waldorf Towers.  He does not advertising, just word of mouth and very seat was taken.  The feats of magic he performed seemed impossible but we sat inches away and witnessed first hand the unimaginable being performed. 

Tickets are pricey--$100 for first row (which I treated my husband to) and $75 for everywhere else.  But, the entertainment can't be beat!  

The venue is an intimate room, simulating a living room, the one he learned magic in, from an uncle trained by Houdini.

The 35th floor of the Towers is the floor president's stay on when in New York and this room is used as the meeting room.

This is the door to the Presidential Suite

The Waldorf Lobby.--Even with all my trips to city, I never stopped here.

And of course, what no post would be complete without, the bathroom.  It is a great place to use facilities.  Each booth has a private sink, thick paper towels, and is spotless thanks to the attendant on duty.

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Magnolia Girl said...

The Waldorf is where they filmed Serendipity..

Surprised you have never been to that hotel..especially since I know how much you love bathrooms..I like the Waldorf more than the Plaza, and their bathrooms are better than Plaza too.