Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big Dip


Matt Polazzo recently wrote a guest post at Accountable Talk where, one of the things he talked about was how the 1960  high school diploma could get you a job but that alone wasn't enough in 2012.  While Mr. Talk promised to be good and not rebut the things he said, I did no such thing and put my comments here

I bring this up today because one of the top stories in today's newspaper concerned the drip in SAT college-entrance exam grades since 1972. Critical reading went from 530 to 496.  Writing has only been on the exam since 2006 and that went from 497 to 499.  Since 1972 math scores jumped from 509 to 514.  The calculator has played a big part of that, I am sure.

These results just prove that while more students are graduating, fewer are prepared for college and ultimately lack skills required even for entry level jobs.


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