Tuesday, January 01, 2008

An Extra Job

---------- British teacher doubles as hooker --------------

BIRMINGHAM, England - It has been revealed a British
teacher allegedly also runs an adult Web site and sells
herself as a prostitute. Diane Hutton, 50, of Birmingham
runs an explicit Internet site where she advertises herself
as "Seductive Selina," The Sun reported Monday. She
reportedly poses nude and in bras and thongs on her Web
site, the London newspaper said, and also invites clients
to call her cell phone to possibly set up a hotel date for
which she would charge $1,279 an hour. "I suppose I'll get
the sack when it comes out, but I don't see how it affects
my ability to teach kids," she said when confronted about
the after-hours business. "It's my private life and I keep
it completely separate from my teaching career." She said
she is a hooker "half for fun and half for the money," and
added she likes "to have a girlfriend-boyfriend relation-
ship with my clients with lots of kissing and cuddling
before sex." An inquiry has been launched into Hutton's
private after-class life.

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17 (really 15) more years said...

$1,279/hour? Sure beats per session.