Friday, December 21, 2007

Nothing Like a New Couch to Make You Feel Good

This is the old chair and couch from Principal Suit's office.
Here is another chair. It was nice of the school to put it next to the phone so we can comfortable make the phone calls we need to make.
Here is the cafeteria where the chairs are located. They are located in a nice quiet and private spot so if someone feels ill and needs to lie down and rest, privacy is assured.
Suit got a whole new office of some really nice leather furniture. This is not a picture of his office, but the furniture in this room is just as nice as his new stuff and his office is just as large. I bet Bloomberg is happy to see a good use for school money. (I assume the money for this furniture came out of some school budget but I don't know that for sure.)

Suit donated his old furniture to the teachers cafeteria. Believe it or not, this is the only comfortable furniture in the entire building available to teachers. Our school has no faculty lounge, unless you count the little room connected to the bathrooms(separate for men and women.) These rooms have the same chairs one would find in a classroom and one round table. Everything that goes on in the stalls is both smelt and heard in this room. But, teachers really don't need any comfort since we have no free time during the day to enjoy it.

My trailer still has no loudspeaker or fire bells. The paint on the walls is still mosaic style. Kids are still sitting on the floor when they have internship periods. Teachers are still tutoring in the halls, but he has a new office suite. I'm sure Suit and the DOE would have a great way to defend this.


Anonymous said...

How nice of Suit to treat himself for Christmas. However no one uses our Teachers' Room. It is dirty and the furniture old. The a/c no longer works. We only use it for staff conferences during our lunch hours. Otherwise teachers eat in classrooms or use it when a cluster is in their room.

I have seen Teachers' Rooms in other schools where the admin values the staff and the rooms are well equipped, clean, cozy and even have copiers.

That should be the standard for all schools.

17 (really 15) more years said...

Our teachers' room is similar. No more A/C, so nobody uses it anymore, especially since the spies started hanging out and repeating everything they heard. Now we all eat in our rooms. If I have to sit in the same chairs that the kids do anyway, I might as well do it in my classroom.