Thursday, December 20, 2007

Suit's Latest Broadcast

Attention all you lazy, incompetent teachers.

You all take off too often.

You should follow Ms. T's model. She had a baby last night after working a full day. She waited until her classes for the day were over so no one would have to cover for her. She came to work even though she was experiencing contractions all day. You lazy incompetents. You are always taking days off. It is disgraceful. Why can't you be more like her?

Of course, if she really wanted to do the right thing she would have crossed her legs and waited until Friday afternoon to have this baby. Now I will be forced to pay someone to cover her classes. Still, what she did is better than anything any of you have ever done. And, this my friends is the reason I want all of you old time teachers to retire.


Anonymous said...

Little Miss Wannabee Suit would have been a great field hand back in farming days...give birth in the morning, harvest in the afternoon....what strength!! Such idiocy!!

17 (really 15) more years said...

We had a couple of teachers who actually worked on the day they gave birth. One actually said, "I just have to get through this period. Then I have lunch and a prep- so maybe I can leave a little early." (she's one of the chosen now).

My apologies, but I tagged you for a meme- here's the rules:

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NYC Educator said...

Reminds me of The Good Earth where O-lan stops working in the field just long enough to have the kid. That's the kind of system Tweed is moving us toward.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Suit is not the father? Of course if she comes back to work before her eight weeks of leave, she it a total idiot.

Hopefully the ATR can fill in for her.

proofoflife said...

Hi Pissed, I also tag you to leave seven weird and wackey details about yourself. I am refering to the above 17 ( really 15) more years. I tagged you on my blog spot! 4 more days!!! Awesome. Have a blast!