Friday, October 19, 2007

More From My AP

One of my favorite colleagues has had some health issues and as a result is on a restoration of health sabbatical. The colleague was visiting the school today and as luck would have it, I actually ran into him/her. It really was a chance meeting. We met on a floor I almost never go on, in a room I never go into. Anyways, my colleague looked great and will be back to work in February, which is good. This colleague is one of the few as cynical and bitching as I am. I know he/she would enjoy these latest memos from my AP, so I share parts of them here.

Memo 1: Do not be negative with
your students. Being negative does not accomplish anything.

Too bad this guy does not know that the same thing holds true for teachers. We are all so tired of his nasty memos and his threats of "U" ratings. We would be much more productive if he would only treat us like responsible, intelligent adults.

Memo 2: There are still some math teachers showing their
classes how to do examples
My goodness, there are still math teachers, teaching! How awful. I hope he is calling out support to take these unfit teachers to the rubber room.

We've also been told things like, "Make sure you call home at least three times when kids are not doing the right thing. Make sure you send a letter to every student in your class who is failing. Do this before report cards come out. Address labels will be available Monday. Report cards come out on Tuesday. And, if you don't do these things, DON'T PASS GO, DON'T COLLECT $200 AND GO STRAIGHT TO THE RUBBER ROOM."


Ms. Tsouris said...

Mr.AP needs to return to his mother ship....he's really beyond the lunatic fringe. How do you teach without "showing examples"? This is just not rational. How else do you model new concepts? Maybe someone should say to him, "I'm not showing examples, I'm conceptualizing algorithms"!!
Maybe the jargon would throw him for a little while at least while Little Napoleon revvs up for his next diatribe.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

It takes a "special kind" of person to be an adminstrator for the DOE. I for one could never be an adminstrator. You can never pay me enough to harass, lie, abuse and make teacher's lives miserable.

Now there are some adminstrators in the system that have managed to retain their humanity but they are fewer and fewer as the years go by.
I feel sorry for these young teachers who buy into this "new world order". I for one will resist
these punks and goofballs who call themselves Principals. I know for a fact that growing up they were what we used to call doofuses and jerks who are taking their revenge on the world.

Let's face most adminstrators for the DOE are pieces of sh*t.

Pissed Off said...

Justice--you and I think alike!