Monday, October 29, 2007

AT LAST!!!!!!!

This is what I saw after the first day. The base was there but it did not work. There was a part missing.
Looks like there might be something under here. Oh, no, it's locked. Will the custodians come in the morning to adjust the heat? Lucky us, it is a Board of Ed locked box. It only pretends to work. Maybe merit pay would get it locked. (Thank goodness merit pay hasn't come to thermostats yet.) We can adjust the heat or air conditioning to our liking.

A kid said today "It's really cold in here. Please turn up the heat." I looked at her and said "No." I kept teaching. She gave me a strange look, as I never talk to any kid that way. "I then said, "Remember, we have no heat in here." A few minutes later we heard heat coming through the vents. It went on and off, not working yet, but a sign that it might be working soon. I left to go to lunch. There was still no heat. I cam back to teach my last two classes. There was a new thermostat in the back of the room. Unfortunately, it was covered by a metal box. The box looked locked. I wondered if we would be able to adjust it. And then, I flipped the box open! We have a beautiful, electronic, functioning thermostat that is fully accessible.

Now my only worry is the door lock. Sometimes I can lock it, sometimes I can't. I really hope no one comes in and messes with this one.


17 (really 15) more years said...

Mazel Tov! At least you got a working thermostat before you retired!

Anonymous said...

You may need a warlock for the door lock......congratulations on your opportunity to have some climate control!!

proofoflife said...

Miracles Happen!!

superdeens said...

ooh, I'm so jealous. We can't control the air in our building and have no idea whether it will be set to cold or hot air. It seems like a health risk, if you ask me.