Friday, September 25, 2015

The AP Does It Again

The AP stood in front of the entire department and told them the worst room, the one with no ventilation, was going to be assigned to the teachers he did not like.  Many smiled in relief but there were a few whose stomach dropped to the floor.  They knew he didn't like them.  They were not shocked when assignments were given out and they were assigned to that room.

Every knows this, but, did he have to say it?  Where is the Principal?  Why does he let this guy get away with saying this crap?  Why hasn't the union even objected to a room that violates OSHA regulations?

I'm so lucky to not be part of this system anymore and they are lucky I am not part of their staff.  I would take pictures and send them to every newspaper.  I would have a recording of the AP's speech to send to the union.  I would not sit back and take this crap. 


Anonymous said...

This is the same situation as Bryant high School. It was proven that the room the teacher was assigned to was so unsanitary that it was closed and now the teacher who reported it is sitting in the main office all day. These administrators are a disgrace and the Union - especially James Vazquez are hopeless assholes.

Anonymous said...

Vazquez is an idiot pretending he's intelligent by wearing expensive suits. What a Tool! Or are we the real tools by allowing this tool to protect us