Friday, September 18, 2015

Equity in Education

I was sitting and listening to parts of DeBlasio's speech on the benefits of Renewal Schools and how well students are doing in them.  He ended the speech by pushing AP classes in all schools.  He wants all kids to have computer science

I've taught AP and I teach in college.  While these initiatives are great, he needs to address the basics.  Students are graduating without basic skills in math, reading and writing.  Studying is non existent.  I'm not just referring to low income schools.  I've seen students from Francis Lewis HS, Cardozo HS, Bayside HS and more, all top level schools who lack basics.  They have gone through 12 years of school doing nothing and expect the same in the future.  DeBlasio sounds good but he still has no idea of what is going on in today's schools.  Nothing changes.

DeBlasio is ending by saying he wants kids to have hope and to believe in themselves.  He needs to start doing this with a work ethic and a solid foundation of math, reading and writing.  He wants to raise the graduation rate from 68,4% to 80% but this will only work if the diploma received is a real diploma, not a diploma like the ones given out today.

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Anonymous said...

my friend runs the finance department of QCC, he agrees with your post. He claims there are so so many students who just cannot graduate because of their repeat math class they must take. They lack basic math skills to pass this college math class, yet DeBlasio would like them to take AP Math.