Sunday, September 20, 2015

Please Tell Me This Is Not True

Someone told me that two book rooms at Packemin have been turned into a classroom for 34 students.  The room has no windows.  The only air comes from a fan.


I remember those book rooms.  They were claustrophobic.  I know teachers who used to work in there because it was the only quiet spot, but it was gross.  I can't imagine children being forced to learn in that environment and a teacher being forced to work there.

I know the school is overcrowded, but still.  What happened to OSHA rules about healthy work places?  There is a requirement to provide outside ventilation.  If this was true, the union would surely intervene.  What happened to caring administrators?  The Principal has a huge office with an even larger conference area and the secretaries have a pretty nice space too.  This story has to be false.  No caring administrator would keep a comfortable, extra large work space while forcing children into such an educationally unsound place.  No, two book rooms could not have been combined into an airless classroom for 34 students.

If all this is true, maybe classes will be in here soon.

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