Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Farina Needs To Do

Instead of raising the graduation rates of NYC high schoolers, Farina and De Blasio should improve education.  What good is a 70% graduation rate if the majority of the graduates can barely read, write and do arithmetic?  What does a 70% graduation rate mean when the majority of college freshman must take remedial classes and many do not make it through?

If Farina and De Blasio are really serious about improving education in the city, the graduation rate will fall and only those who have earned the diploma and are ready to go on to college or careers will be getting them.  They will do away with phony online courses, boot camps and administrators who brow beat their teachers into giving answers during exams.

I predict this won't happen over night (or at all.)  This country is too hung up on numbers and no one will stop to look at what the lower statistic means in terms of a real education.

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Anonymous said...

Carmen has A LOT of work cut out for her.. 30,000 things that need to be undone. Who knows what will be tackled first?

It is best to wait and see how this goes..not that I am predicting anything bad (Carmen received the Diane Ravitch seal of approval)...however this will be interesting.