Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Effective Teaching

Last Tuesday was rate your professor night at the college.  As I handed out forms, I told my students to be honest and offer constructive comments on the form.  The administration looks at them and uses them when it comes to rehiring adjuncts and to advancing careers.  The school doesn't give grades away, but it is, and always has been, students first and if a teacher continually gets all negative comments that teacher is checked out.

I know most of my students like me.  I can tell by attendance, by their work habits and by their questions and by the relaxed and happy manner in the classroom.  There are always students lingering after class, happily walking me to my car, chatting all the way.

Last Tuesday, as I left, a quiet young man stayed behind.  He said he told his friend to take my class next term.  His reason, "she doesn't let you leave until you understand perfectly." This comment made my night.  No Danielson is needed to tell me I am effective.

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