Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jeff Spielvogel College Office

I just heard about something very disturbing.  It seems the college office at a large neighborhood school is being named after Walcott, a man who did nothing but puts his lips to Bloomberg's rear and lower the standards of NYC high school graduates.  Oh wait, he did more.  He instituted policies that drove experienced, excellent teachers form the classroom, put young incompetents in charge and insisted proven innocent teachers were sex perverts.

Many years ago the college office had a fantastic counselor, Jeff Spielvogel.  He was the only college counselor and worked long hours advising and helping students.  He also ran AP exams, was in charge of graduation and ARISTA and I am sure lots more that only he and his staff knew about.

Jeff Spielvogel did more for this school than Walcott but he wasn't a politician.  No one would gain politically for naming the office after him.  And, that is sad.  The truly great ones go unnoticed.

Walcott is a graduate of that school, but that does not mean it needs to honor him and, if the people in charge of the naming have any morals, they will reconsider this and name the office for a person who honored it.


Anonymous said...

I would hope that this is a terrible joke. Jeff Spielvogel was a educator who truly cared about his students and and was devoted to the school in spite of his ongoing health problems. Jeff would be most deserving of this honor.

I am positive all former principals and teachers who knew ands worked with Jeff would be in total agreement

Mr. Walcott is completely undeserving of this honor.


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Pissed Off said...

Not a joke.