Saturday, October 12, 2013

ATR Thrown Out In Favor of Newbie

The Principal called Mrs. ATR.  She said Mrs. ATR had a very impressive resume and requested her to come in the next day for an interview and a model lesson.  Mrs. ATR did that and was told by the teenage Principal the job was hers and she could start the next day.  Some of the classes would be out of license but she did not care.  She called friends, gathered material and came in prepared to work.

Mrs. ATR worked two days in this school and was then called to the teenager's office.  The Principal said her services were no longer needed.  Mrs. ATR was being replaced by a recent college grad, a young man with zero experience who had not been asked to interview or teach a demo lesson. 

Mrs. ATR is back in the pool, rotating from place to place.  She no longer cares about getting a permanent job.  She knows no one will hire her.  She knows her efforts and her expertise will not be valued or appreciated.  She plans on just collecting her check until retirement day comes.


Anonymous said...

So sad . I almost ended up in the ATR pool a few years ago and knew it would be the end of my teaching career. I knew I'd never get out of it.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame her one bit for counting down the days until retirement. This deal the UFT made was criminal. I hope under the new mayor, it will be rectified. And to tell you the truth, it might be a blessing to be an ATR under the new CC and Danielson guidelines. I have already heard that many districts were told not to give "effective" ratings during the first observation.