Monday, June 18, 2012

No Respect

The ATR did like she was supposed to, she rescheduled her interview.  The e-mail told her to show up at 10:00 AM which she did.  She refused to take my advice, came dressed to the nines ready to answer all questions.

The interviewer was approximately 20 years old.  He greeted her with, "Mrs. ATR, why aren't you in your classroom?"  She explained that she didn't have one.  She was on sabbatical.  It took several repititions of this statement before it made sense to him.  He then turned and said "We will have to reschedule this interview.  Today I am only interviewing people already in the building.  Goodbye."  She thanked him for letting her know before she made the hour long trip and walked out.

Mrs. ATR got home and called her union rep.  The union rep immediately made excuses for the poor infantile interviewer who had no experience dealing with people and then berated the teacher for being unwilling to accept a job 2ith a two hour commute.

The ATR is disgusted.  She is ready to spend the rest of her career sitting around doing nothing and collecting her check twice monthly.  She's tried over and over to do the right thing.  Her age, combined with her years of experience is slamming doors in her face.  Enough is enough.  I personally don't blame her.


ChiTown Girl said...

How long can teachers remain ATRs there? Here, we can only be in this program for one year. That's part of why I made the decision to leave.

Pissed Off said...

Right now there is no time limit. Teachers have job protection. Mayor Moneybags is trying to change this. So far he can't. The law ison theteacher's side.

Anonymous said...

Laws can be changed with the right amount of money in someone's pocket.

However, our cleaver mayor is finding other ways, like observing ATRs on the first day of a new assignment, then giving them a U rating. He even has trained principals on the art of a surprise observation.

Pissed Off said...

I know. I worry about ATRs in NYC.

Magnolia Girl said...

We should be worried about all NYC employees who work for the DOE at this point...everyone has to be careful.

Anonymous said...

This is the time of savage darkness. The gathering gloom of the last decade clearly imdicates what we should expect. Just plod forward and weather the endless tirade of abuse heaped on us by those who are middle level managers. Remember its children first and to hell with the teachers.

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