Monday, May 17, 2010

Observation Report III

Mr. AP
Period XX
May 17, 2010

The meeting began approximately 10 minutes late as Mr. AP gave teachers a chance to arrive from their classes. He waited until all were seated and handed out the agenda, which he went over in an orderly fashion. End term procedures for collecting books and getting book receipts to the teachers of students we no longer are teaching was discussed. We were told where to find student programs and how to get help finding students who were not on the list.

The next topic discussed involved grades and their affect on student programming. Mr. AP discussed the problems caused by students in the wrong classes and stressed the importance of our checking their placement. He emphasized that although it is the guidance counselor's job to program correctly, they too often make mistakes so we should not depend upon them. It is extremely difficult to teach students who are not in the proper classes and he said he did not want us to start out with poor statistics.

After, Mr. AP went on to discuss how new students would be programmed next year and what would be done to get them into the correct classes. He discussed the criteria that should be used to program current students and asked the teachers for input.

1. Try to be a little less confrontational with teachers who ask questions. Teachers see problems but don't necessarily see solutions.
2. Serve refreshments.
3. Put cushions on the chairs

Summary: The meeting was well presented. It covered material relevant to our daily teaching assignments. Staff member questions were answered and everyone walked away with a clear understanding of what the meeting was about. The meeting began and ended on a timely fashion. It was obvious to all that Mr. AP has taken previous recommendations seriously and has shown great improvement. Teachers were treated with respect. This meeting is rated "S".


ChiTown Girl said...

Yeah, Mr. AP. Way to go!

NYC Educator said...

It's good that you give praise for improvement. Perhaps that will encourage and increase more effective APing. Or whatever it is those folks do.