Friday, July 18, 2008

Skip This If You Are Tired Of My Pictures

My aching feet. I met my friend at Penn Station. We walked from there to Avenue A and 3rd St to a craft store. Then we headed over to the Container Store on 17th and 6th. They were out of what I wanted so we went to the branch on 58th and Lexington. I finally got back on the subway at 63rd and Lexington. As the years pass, I know there will come a day when I will no longer be able to wander the streets. I have to get it all in now, no matter what the weather may bring. This store looked really interesting. Next time, we are going to stop.
Most people don't realize that there are tree lined streets in Manhattan.
This poor guy was dripping . It was in the high 90's today.

The Gershwin Hotel. next time, I am going to check out their bathroom.
Barnes and Nobles on St. Mark's Place. It is out of business. Aside from the sadness of a closed business, NYC lost a good bathroom stop.
St. mark's Place has interesting store windows. An old synagogue on some side street I never walked on before.

We were wondering if it was still in use and were pleased to see this sign on the door.

As seen from Lexington Ave.

Also from Lexington. I love the contrast of the old buildings with the new.
The carvings on this building are really great.
New York Magazine headquarters.
More construction.
Huge crane.
I can't imagine what it is like to work underground, in the heat, every day of my life. These poor guys really earn their money.


Mrs. T said...

I will never, ever get tired of your pictures! I've always harbored a sort of geographical torch for New York, so your pics satisfy that urge I have. Keep'em coming!
PS I love your scarlet Birks!

TJ Shay said...

I agree with Mrs. T! More pics! Never been to NY and this is my vicarious journey!

cupcake said...

I love your photos. But they make me want to go to NYC, and I can't afford to go to NYC, so in the end, it's frustrating. But I still love the photos.

Anonymous said...

How did you like the Container Store? Do they have good items sto store children's toys? Is the address 17th St. and th Ave.? Please I need info.

Pissed Off said...

I love the container store. They have storage for everything--I didn't look at children's things, but my guess is they do. They are nice and helpful. You can return everything you buy if you don't like it--no time limit.

One is at 17th St and 6th Ave. The other is at 58th and Lexington.