Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Can't Win With This Guy

The AP scores are in. Here are a few comments that I have received from my students.

I got a 5 on my AP Exam.Either the Test was extremely easy or you were one
heck of a teacher, and im gonna have to go with the second option obviously.
Thanks for making the experience of calaculus fun and easy for a guy like me to
understand. You truly are a great teacher.

I hope you are enjoying your summer, and missing us tremendously. Well you
might have been notified that we received out AP scores. Before I tell you,
I want to thank you for everything and let you know that this would not have
happened i without you and your confidence for us. Your support wasa great
deal, and we all appreciate it. You were more than a teacher, you are a great
friend. I just wanna hug you right now. Well here it goes. Drum Roll
please................I got a 5. Haha thank you so much, hehe. Well have a great
summer, and talk to you later.

i gota 4 on the AP !!!!! woohooooooooooo
this is Patty btw .. im so
proud of myself.. o man you were right about me ms.

i didn't forget, i jus got mine yesterday. Now brace yourself...i got a ...
five. I know, i can't believe it either. But its true. There must be a big
curve. Thank you, its also because you are a great teacher. Thank you

I got an e-mail from Mr. AP today. He told me that over 90% of my class passes. It is a new record for our school.

I will mail them [the grades] to you. Your students did exceedingly well. Maybe we should put more students into BC.

No," good job", no "congratulations", no "keep up the good work", just the implication that they did well because they were too smart for the class. It seems he is unhappy if they don't do well and he is unhappy when they do well. He should only know where the kids were all term and how poorly some of them were doing. And, if it had been up to him, he would not have let some of them take the exam because their grades were so low all semester. It's the e-mails from my students that keep me going.


17 (really 15) more years said...

That is FANTASTIC news- congratulations! You know how I feel about banning kids from these exams- thank goodness they were given the opportunity to excel. I almost think that administration is disappointed when the kids do well- then they have nothing to bitch about.

I want neither the credit nor the blame when my kids take these exams, because it leads to this entire merit pay debate. Knowing that I did the best job possible for my kids is my reward, just like those e-mails are for you.

I say- keep up the good work! You rock PO'd!

sandi said...

It's always nice when administration lets us know they think we are doing a good job....but, honestly, it's the words of the students that mean the most to me.
Your students are truly blessed to have you.

OKP said...

Good job! Congratulations! And keep up the good work that you so, helping these kids to solve those equations and problems.

Here's hoping some encouragement from the blogiverse adds to those great student emails.

OKP said...

That'd be the good work you "do." Ugh. Typos.

Mrs. Temple said...

Congratulations on such an awesome pass rate!!! Those comments from the kids were amazing :)

avoiceinthewilderness said...

It would be nice to get some recognition from your supervisor, but let's face it - he probably didn't even take the AP exam.
Job well done!
Your students are lucky to have you.

Pissed Off said...

I don't want recognition from this guy but I would like him to stop with his comments. I know this will never happen.

Thank you to all for your nice comments.

jd2718 said...

B/C? What's wrong with doing well on A/B?

This constant demand for acceleration in school math drives me nuts. Why not work towards mastery and deeper understanding?

I mean, if you were that successful, why not continue that success?


Pissed Off said...

It's all about the statistics, not the kids. That is one reason he might want them in BC. Another reason is hsi competetive nature. He is always comparing our results to the nearby schools--as if anyone in the department cares. Maybe they have more BC classes

We didn't have two BC classes because the principal was saving money. Four of my students were dropped from BC because they could not make it there. Out of those 4, 1 got a 5, 2 got 4's and the other got a 1. These kids would have all gotten 1's on BC exam.

yo miss!, formerly in bushwick said...

It must have been wonderful to get those lovely messages from your kids over the summer! Good for you. :)

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Those e-mails from your students are worth more than gold. The one from your AP, on the other hand, probably wouldn't even fertilize a patch of poison ivy.

Anonymous said...

A school administrator loves to be a "smellfungus"!

It's part of the job!

ed notes online said...

It looks like you won't be retiring and joining me for a 1PM lunch during the school week. Congrats!- Norm

Dee Does The District said...