Saturday, July 26, 2008

If You Can Stand Some More Pictures

I seem to be spending more time than usual roaming the city this summer. I guess it is age. I fear the day my legs will give out and I no longer will be able to pursue this hobby. Here are some skyline pictures.

This old building houses The Container Store.

Old church with modern buildings in background.
Site if a new skyscraper. Just a few weeks ago there was a building there.
The McGraw-Hill Building--the nemesis of NYC teachers and students.
Somewhere in the theater district Looking south on Broadway from 54th St Looking towards where the ball drops New Year's Eve, on Broadway. Looking towards the east from 45th St theater (Lyceum)
Worlds' biggest department store. I always find what I am looking for here. This is a stop any tourist should make. Walking north on Seventh Avenue, south of 34th St.
I've tried to photograph this building at night for years. It never comes out just right. It lights up really nice after dark. (Theater district) Somewhere in the 20's on Sixth Ave. All these magnificent buildings hold commercial establishments now. I'm so happy that they were never taken down.
Metropolitan Life Building on 23rd St (east side). The clock is famous.
The most famous building of all--Empire State Building as seen from 29th St and 5th Ave.
Just a regular apartment house on 9th Ave.



TheoraTM said...

Your pictures really make me want to visit NYC!

nbosch said...

I've enjoyed your pictures. I've been to NYC several times and even thought we might find a sublet this summer. We didn't come.....anyway after 25 years of teaching gifted kids one thing I do well is store connections in my feeble brain. The building (blue and brown) labeled "Looking south on Broadway from 54th St" (it's above the label) was used as inspiration for an outfit on Project Runway...the contestants (designers) were supposed to take a picture in the city as inspiration for an outfit. Anyway...that's my story!!

Pissed Off said...

Thanks for the information. I've never watched that show.

Glad you are enjoying the photos.

nbosch said...

You really should---the cast of characters have a different design task each week. Being fashion designers the cast is a hoot. It's on Bravo Channel Wednesday nights.