Monday, October 02, 2006

A Conversation with Dr. Suit

Dr. Suit: Mr. W, you must come to my office period 6 for a conference about little Joey.

Mr. W: I'm sorry Dr. Suit, but with my C-6 assignment that would mean I am going 7 periods without a break. I want to have lunch.

Dr. Suit: Too bad. I will have the principal, Mr. Suit, put a letter in your file if you don't show up. And don't be late. Besides, you are getting paid for being here. That extra $.32 will really make a difference in a teacher's paycheck.

Mr. W: Dr. Suit, I must stop in the bathroom first.

Dr. Suit: I said, DON'T BE LATE. My time is valuable. I will not wait for you! And make sure you bow to me when you enter the room!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Suit is the principal, huh?

I smell nepotism. However, I'm enjoying the unfolding saga. Maybe you could have the entire Suit family rob a train or something in future installments.

Pissed Off said...

Nothing that devious, I am afraid. I think they are Republicans so it will have to be a white collar crime, since I don't want them to be pedophiles, the other Republican crime of the moment.