Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Days

No matter what the mayor said, it just was not a good idea for some people to go to school today but I do understand keeping them open.

I propose the following procedure for these bad weather days when schools are open

1.  No absences will be held against students.  No tests will be given and no new, crucial material will be taught.

2.  Teachers who deem it unsafe to get to work should be allowed, without any penalty to either use a sick day or a day without pay.  No letters to file or notes on cards to indicate the teacher did not make it in.  No special rewards for those who do show up.

Safety is a priority.  In all my complaints about Principals, I never worked for one that did more than make nasty comments when we did not show up on snow days.  I was lucky.  I know not everyone is.


Anonymous said...

I fought my way into work today at JFK campus in the Bronx. When I got there, the 300 car lot was completely unplowed with 28 inches of snow. Everyone had to blackout. No neighborhood parking. Some people turned around and went home. This is how the city treats teachers.

Anonymous said...

You have a parking lot???!!! Lucky! We drive around wasting gas and polluting the air for 40 minutes every morning because the city thinks it should "clean" each side of the street twice a week. Or maybe they just like giving tickets to make money.

Anonymous said...

Believe me that the ONLY thing JFK has going for it. They should rename it the CRAP campus.