Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fights and Knives But No Reports Filed

She works in a school with a lot of problems and is relieved to get out early and de-stress.

1:15 her phone beeps and she reads the message:

Five fights and a nine-inch knife.

She reads me the message and sighs.  The school gets more and more dangerous every day.

2:15 it beeps again:

Another two fights.  The Principal is considering rapid dismissal.

So, what does rapid dismissal do?  It sends the fights from the school to the street.  The troubled students go into nearby stores and wreak havoc on the employees and the patrons.  If the students they were fighting with are in the store, they continue fights there.  The principal doesn't care.  He has solved his problem and he has gotten through another day without incidents to report to the police.  His school will retain its high ratings and he will go the the community talking about how he maintains such a successful school.

The school aide who received the texts knows otherwise.  While on hall duty she smells the pot, witnesses the crap games and turns her eyes away from the groping going on.  She is not equipped to stop it and knows the administration would do nothing to back her up.  She is counting the days until retirement.

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