Thursday, January 28, 2016

Educationally Unsound

The Principal, genius that he is, decided to give midterms during regents week.  What this braniac failed to take into account was the lack of time teacher would have to grade as most were being sent to to other schools to mark regents exams.  The intellect then came up with a solution.  Teachers could enter fall grades in the beginning of the spring semester.

Why bother with two semesters if the grades from the first one are being delayed?  Will failing kids who pass or passing kids who fail now have classes changed?  Probably not.  In the infinite wisdom of the powers who make these decisions everyone moves ahead.  The school has to keep its A rating.  

I wonder why this school is even bothering to give


Anonymous said...

A perfect plan for a shitstorm opening in February. The guidance and programming people must be contemplating drinking the cool-aide.

Anonymous said...

It was actually quite a bit worse than that, with no teachers for some exams, kids in wrong rooms, and special ed. kids taking the wrong tests, sometimes with a dozen different kids who needed a dozen different tests read aloud. It was some of the worst planning ever for an idea that no one at all liked, except the principal.

Anonymous said...

Man, am I glad I retired!