Thursday, March 05, 2015

Snow Closure

I looked out the window and realized it would be really hard to get to the college to cover the class I had promised to teach for a colleague today.  I called in and was told "be safe and don't worry."  told I would decide about my own class later on.

E-mails kept coming from my students asking about class tonight as may live far.  I looked out and saw no sign of the weather improving and decided to cancel.  Two and a half hours of math is not worth the risk of an accident.  I didn't expect the school to close and felt I should look out for myself and my students.   I called to let the school know and again  heard "be safe."

I checked e-mails after 2 o'clock and found this message:

Due to the severe weather, all regularly scheduled classes and activities that begin at 4:30PM or later are cancelled for today, March 5, 2015. Additionally,  Community College will close at 5PM. 

I'm glad the powers that be at the college made a safe decision.

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