Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The grade fixing at John Dewey HS is not local to that school.  It is epidemic to all schools in the city.

Years ago, before I retired, I ran a credit recovery program.  I wanted standards and insisted on it.  I carefully chose 300 problems of varying difficulty and set up two online assignments.  After several weeks it became obvious that the students were not doing them.  Administration changed the two assignments adfsto one and then instead of 150 questions, only 75 were required.  Still, many kids did not do the assignments.    Those who did often had help.  Several students told me they paid others to do assignments for them.  I watched a teacher (an Assistant Principal) doing one of her student's assignments on a smart board with the entire class.  Other teachers set aside class time to let students work on these assignments instead of doing their own class work.  Students got credit for two classes in one.

John Dewey is under the microscope now but the inspection should extend throughout the city.  With the push to pass everyone, for schools to stay open and for Principals to get their big bonuses, cheating is epidemic.  It will continue until things change.  It is about time schools are getting caught.  Maybe now education will get back to the way it should be.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the cheating is widespread, however no one is mentioning that the students are at a disservice here! We had a student at my school who was at a 2nd grade reading level throughout his HS career but he was able to receive a grade of 70 on the ELA exam (of course with the help of the AP's "helper" who read and wrote for him). The sad part is that now is is being told to continue on to college where you will succeed!