Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Tuesday three siblings and their spouses came together to bury their father.  It was a sad day but the siblings knew their father had led a long happy and healthy life and it was his time to go.  Tuesday evening sibling one did not feel so good and went to the emergency room.  He never made it home.  The doctors found a clot on one of his lungs and that was the end.

Today, two siblings and their spouses came together again to bury their brother.  Lots of other family and friends came from near and far to offer hugs and support and to say goodbye to a man who loved life and was loved by all.  The man was only 63 years young.

I'm still wiping tears but am also smiling as I remember the good times I had with this guy, the hours we spent hiding out on a back porch when the party we were attending was too loud.  I remember the hugs and the laughter we shared throughout the years, the happiness when he told of his upcoming wedding,  and the joy of celebrating his 60th birthday.

Eleven of us left the cemetery and went together to a nearby dinner for lunch.  We sat and ate and talked about all the years we all had together and how, while not related by blood, we were family.  One friend, one who usually eats only what is good for him had a huge piece of chocolate cake.  He was celebrating his life and the knowledge that we all will go one day, some sooner than later.

This man went far too soon.  But, he didn't know his days were numbered and he did not suffer any pain.  I am glad he knew how much we all loved and respected him in his life and did not wait until it was too late to show how much we cared.

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