Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Respect and Consideration

As I checked messages this morning, I found one from the secretary of the math department asking me if I could cover an exam today.  When I called back she told me the teacher had an emergency and could not be there.  I immediately answered yes and then rearranged my day to help out.

When I picked up the papers I was greeted warmly and thanked profusely.  I told her it was no big deal.  The college treats its teachers with utmost care and consideration and most of us reciprocate and do whatever we can to help.

When I began my teaching career in high school I also did  whatever I could to help as I was treated with respect and consideration.  But, as the years progressed, that treatment got less and less.  In return, I did less and less to help administration out although I never scrimped on the kids.  

Today's admins don't see any reason to be nice or respectful to teachers.  Teachers have to do all to keep jobs.  It is sad they don't see honey catches more flies than vinegar.  They should remember whose backs they are being carried on.

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