Monday, December 22, 2014

Faith In A Failing Student

Final grades have been entered and the e-mails from the few failures are coming in fast and furious.  Jeff didn't understand why he failed even though he did no homework and failed every test including the final.  He was distraught and wanted to do extra work to pass.  If only he had done work in the first place he might have passed. No extra work for someone who did nothing all semester.

Jeff did have one saving grace.  When I told  him his final grade he stopped asking to pass, took responsibility and promised to work harder when he retakes the course next semester.  My money is on him.  He grew quite a bit (not enough but a lot) in the four months I have known him and I have faith he will continue.  He promised to keep in touch and I told him I am waiting for the letter announcing his success in life.

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