Friday, December 05, 2014

Rate Your Incompetent Administrator

Work in a department run by an AP who has no clue what he or she is doing?  Who has never taught the subject yet has no trouble writing you up as unsatisfactory?

We all know there are plenty of incompetents out there.  Go rate them here.  Let others know about he music teacher running the English department, the physical education teacher running the math history department or the math teacher running the special ed department.  Let others know the person deeming you developing or ineffective has been teaching a short time.

Thanks Chaz for sharing this.


Anonymous said...

I taught high school for 21 years and am now a school chaplain working with first graders. Yesterday I was asked to sit, as a one-on-one, with a second grader who has a hard time focusing and doing as required by the teacher. I gladly did this task but was pretty shocked at how the teacher stayed at her desk and rarely checked for understanding.

I find it hard to be critical as I've not had that much experience with elementary grades, but even I know you have to check for understanding and not continue while students are struggling to complete the task.

Anonymous said...

Math history dept? Duh.

Anonymous said...

Math teacher running the special Ed department? I guess there weren't any special Ed teachers with AP licenses to fill the opening.

Anonymous said...

Math teacher running the special ed department? Huh?